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You Know When You Are In the Universal Flow

Love is expansive. Fear is contracting. Those are words to live by.
Right now I am definitely in the Universal flow.
What do I mean? I mean my life is working. I am happy. I feel good. On all fronts there is joy. The number and frequency of synchronistic events happening is mind boggling. I ask the Universe for something and I get it.
The gap between when I get clear about something I want and the time it takes to receive it has closed dramatically.
These are a few very small, yet very gratifying examples:
Just recently I spent the entire day working in the garden - playing with the roses and petunias blooming all over the Spirit of Nature Sanctuary. My body was sore and tired. And that evening I said to Raven, "Boy I'd love a hot tub right now."

The next morning when I checked messeges there was one from a friend inviting us over for a barbeque and a hot tub afterwards. Wow. The Universe was listening.
My son, who now prefers to be called Jess, just had to say goodbye to his best friend who moved to Maine. That was a hard one. From my own childhood, I remember how hard it was to leave dear friends behind whenever we moved. So I said to the Universe that I wanted Jess to have friends that he truly enjoys spending time with, that are from families with similar beliefs, who are teaching their children how to interact with others and their world in a similar fashion to what we are teaching, that he will greatly enjoy their company and can spend time with them often. I just got really clear about wanting that for my son.
The next day I was driving into Santa Fe to find a park for Jess to play at and I remembered that someone was having a homeschool gathering in a little place I would be passing along the way. We went there and successfully found the group. People came and went and eventually there there were only 3 families left - mine being one of them. It was a glorious afternoon. I truly felt like I had finally found my tribe. Two other wonderful mothers with really great kids. We stayed for hours. Jess got to play with two other boys his age. It was heaven. And we made plans to get together again - potentially on a regular basis. I can't tell you the exhileration I felt about having my request to the Universal Flow answered so fast.
There are those who say that it is as easy to manifest a mansion as it is to manifest a pea, but most of us think it is a lot harder and therefore it is.
Everyone's journey to get in the Universal Flow is unique. I could tell you all the things I've done along the way to get me to where I am today. And believe me it has been a lot of things. But what you have done is different and equally wonderful. Your path to empowerment has to be your own.
I can offer a few generalities about getting into the Universal Flow:
Find your joy. Life works when you are happy and life sucks when you are not. Joy comes from the inside. It is a radiance, a glow, a feeling of love, and the peace that passes understanding that one feels when one is connected. Regardless of the stuff around you - whether you are surrounded by luxury or trying to gather enough coins together to buy dinner - find a way to be happy and in gratitude for what you have. A big help in finding more joy is to spend as much time in (or with) nature as possible.
Nature is everywhere. Taking a long hot bath is connecting with nature. Water is a powerful element for healing. Take a walk in the park, the woods, anywhere. Sit next to a tree. Lie with your back against mother earth. If you live in the city, find a spot of grass and take your shoes off for a few minutes and just stand there. Have a pet or at least one potted plant. Touch the leaves. Talk to it. My absolute favorite spot is sitting next to a tree near a rapidly moving stream. The sound soothes me to the core of my being.
Embrace everything. You can't be running a victim mentality and be in Universal Flow. If you are angry at the world, feel you are getting taken advantage of in some way, been mistreated by others, or something else that allows you to feel like a victim, then your life will never work. When something unexpected happens that doesn't feel good - look at what you've been thinking, doing, or saying that caused it to occur in your world. You have to work at this. If the answers were really obvious we would all be healed and there would be no war, famine, disease, power struggles or any other negative experiences to be had in this world.
How can you figure this out? That is what my ebook Freeway to Freedom is all about. Finding and freeing yourself from these pesky little beliefs you don't even realize you have. Permanent freedom from the underlying fears that continue to mess up your flow. (


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