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True Responsible Spirituality

What Does it Mean to experience True Reponsible Spirituality?

From my teachings about The POWER of the POD (TM):

"TRUE POWER is not the ability to control and manipulate others. It is inner strength, inner knowing, being completely free of limitations, having the ability to create one's own destiny.


TRUE LEADERSHIP is never achieved through fear or intimidation. It is the ability to inspire, coach, and encourage others into being the best they can be.

TRUE SUPPORT or FRIENDSHIP is not just spending time with someone. It is the ability to see the goodness and potential inside the other person and to provide a safe place for that potential to blossom into fullness. That means overlooking or helping to overcome the shortcomings and encouraging the gifts. It also means accepting a person just as they are where they are and not being emotionally involved with whether they ever change themselves or their circumstances. It also means keeping information about a person and their life confidential and never succumbing to gossip. This is the definition of TRUE LOVE.

TRUE MATURITY is not having all the answers. It is knowing that you do not have all the answers and it is not your job to fix everyone. Each person's life is perfect - providing them with the lessons they have chosen to learn. And you don't necessarily know what those lessons are. It is speaking from the heart without judgment. It is taking responsibility for the things that happen in your life - however good or bad you perceive them to be. And letting others be responsible for what happens with them."

As Lightworkers we have a responsibility - to ourselves, to other humans, to all other beings (plants, animals, minerals, etc.), to planet earth. We must be mature and use our energy responsibly.

This is an unprecidented time in human history. People are "waking up" to spirituality everywhere. They are beginning to remember who they are - a Divine spark having a human experience. They are raising in vibration. They are rediscovering their psychic, intuitive, spiritual, and healing abilities. Yet most people have little or no self discipline. The higher the vibration increases, the greater the need for self discipline.

In earlier times a person had to go through years of training to achieve the level of spirituality and energy we are now running. They did all sorts of exercises to overcome fears, to have complete and total control of their emotions, to awaken their gifts. The years of training and discipline were not just to awaken the gifts. One of the most important reasons for all the discipline was so that once a person had achieved a certain level of "power" they could use the energy and gifts responsibly.

You are running more energy. You have more "power." If you have chosen to be a Lightworker - one who brings Light (Love, Peace, God) to the world - then you have a very BIG spiritual responsibility.

You are a role model - in every moment of every day. Every word that comes out of your mouth has power (energy) behind it. There is no such thing as idle or insignificant talk. Everything is energy. All of the duality on our entire planet boils down to two things: love or fear. Which one are you promoting with every breath? This must be at the forefront of your mind at all times.

The higher our energy (vibration) rises, the more responsible we must be. Every thought we think, every word we say, every action we take affects everything and everyone on the planet. We are all connected and there is no way of escaping that.

If our job is to bring Love to planet earth, then we must BE Love all the time. We must achieve TRUE POWER, TRUE LEADERSHIP, TRUE SUPPORT (LOVE), TRUE MATURITY. There is no room for fear. There is no room for anger. There is no room for victimhood.


The five things that prevent us from BEING our Divine selves are: fear, limiting beliefs, judgments, expectations, and attachments to our expectations. Time is up! We no longer have the luxury of avoiding those parts of ourselves. We must discover, heal, transmute, and release ALL of these shadows. We cannot be Love if these things are still running our lives.

BE your Divine self and BE responsible.




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