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Politics, Patriotism, and Poor Choices

Having a high vibration and increasing frequency means more fun and joy in your life!

I know its anti-patriotic, but I stopped feeling proud to be an American a very long time ago.

Growing up in Texas, whenever we played cowboys and Indians, I ALWAYS was an Indian because I couldn't imagine wanting to be anything else.

Later on I learned in history about how horrible "America" had treated the Native Americans and the African Americans and the Chinese and everyone else who wasn't upper middle class white. I don't know how anyone can feel proud about any of that. I find it heartbreaking and despicable and it made me embarrassed and ashamed to be a white person.

Now I get it on an even deeper level after living in the American Southwest and having several spontaneous past life memories of being native.

Regardless, the motto used to be land of the free and home of the brave. But now there are very few freedoms left and few are brave enough to do anything about it. Most of the people I know who care don't have any idea how to change it. The corruption is so overt, its startling to observe.

They talk about making changes with your vote. That only works if there is anyone you can trust or worth voting for. I haven't seen anyone like that lately.

In the last local election, I was excited to vote, hoping to find an environmentally conscious person who genuinely cared about people and nature and the issues I feel are important. All I found were 3 candidates all touting about how they had grown up in coal, were going to keep helping the coal industry and all those who rely on it for their paycheck.


We have no business in coal. It pollutes everything and is damaging to those who work in the industry.

I understand people need jobs. But someone should be out there developing sustainable industries that get these people a place to work that is not damaging to themselves or the environment. Continuing to go down the same wrong road is not the answer.

The other GIANT problem with politics is that the only two parties with enough money to get someone elected are the Republicans and the Democrats. The smaller, in many cases, more noble parties, just don't have enough backing to make a difference. I feel if I vote for one of those candidates, I'm just throwing away the vote because there is no way for those candidates to win. Sad.

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