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Increasing Frequency - Raising Your Vibration

Having a high vibration and increasing frequency means more fun and joy in your life!

Typically, we think of vibrations to be a sign of problems or trouble. For instance, a vibrating car likely means it's time to take it to the shop, or donate car parts to a mechanic to get them fixed. However, vibrations in people can be a sign of tremendous physical and spiritual health. Research has proven that healthy bodies vibrate at 60 MHz or higher. (Yes, they can finally measure it!) At lower frequencies, dis-eases can manifest and a person can experience struggle, illness, accidents, victimhood, anger, shame, guilt, feeling separated from Creator - the list goes on. At high frequency, a person can experience joy, happiness, balance, unconditional love, feeling a part of all things (Creator). Synchronicity and the ability to manifest what you desire are greatly increased at a higher frequency.

In our pursuit of "enlightenment" (becoming lighter), what we are trying to achieve is an incredibly high frequency, which we are able to maintain. There are numerous methods for increasing frequency. Unfortunately, if lifestyle, beliefs, fears, and judgments don't change, the higher frequency can't be maintained.

The point of high frequency isn't just for personal transformation. Holding a high vibration and radiating love (unconditional, non-judgmental) raises the consciousness of all those you touch with your energy field.

A few of the things that lower frequency and keep you stuck where you are include: heavy, processed, and junk foods; negative words, thoughts, actions, and feelings; negative people and situations; artificial synthesized materials such as fluorescent lights, synthetic fabrics, synthetic foods, vitamins, and medicines; working at a job you hate; and mainstream radio, television, and newspapers - particularly the news.

Try to avoid the above as much as possible.

Once you've raised your vibration, you can later go back to these things and they will not affect you to the same degree. However, the time away from negativity, in order to gather your energy and achieve raising frequency, isn't just a weekend in silence and then returning to your same old lifestyle on Monday.

Increasing frequency requires commitment, dedication, and effort over an extended period of time.

Being around negativity lowers the vibration or frequency. The person who has worked on themselves and raised their vibration and increased frequency goes out into the workplace, the mall, etc. and people of lower frequency suck their energy. The negativity of the thoughts and conversations those people are having and the electromagnetic radiation (EMF's) from TV and computer screens, fluorescent and halogen lights, is energetically draining. A person's energy can become so refined and sensitive that they literally can't handle being around "normal" people or crowds. It's exhausting and it affects their health and energy level.

Anyone can go off to the mountains, the desert, an island, and hang out only with people that have similar beliefs and frequencies, and have a life full of joy, love, and grand spiritual / meditational experiences.

The trick is to learn how to maintain your higher vibration and continue to live and function in the real world.

So how do we make the transition? How can we go back into the world, shine our light brightly, and not be drained? That's a big leap.

It's hard for many people to move past the draining effects of negativity. The great one's, however, learn to stay centered, pour forth love, and not become so drained they can't continue.

For example, Christ spent time with his disciples who had a lower frequency than his but not as low as the general public. However, he also healed the sick, spent time with the poor, dealt with the politicians, and taught to crowds. The scriptures say he went into the desert alone. Like all of us, he was increasing frequency and maintaining balance through fasting, silence, time alone in nature, and meditation/prayer.

Many physicians and healers, such as Deepak Chopra, M.D., Caroline Myss, Bernie Siegel, M.D., Louise Hay, and Christine Northrup, M.D. agree that almost all dis-ease is based on negative emotions and beliefs (unhealed past trauma). The only way to keep the body vibrating high is to heal the past trauma, eliminate limiting beliefs and lead a healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lifestyle. When really high frequency (harmonic, not chaotic like electricity) is introduced, the negative (low frequency) stuff must surface. And then it can be healed.


A few methods commonly used to increase frequency include flower essences, therapeutic grade essential oils, meditation/prayer, time in nature, proper nutrition, hands-on healing techniques like Reiki and other energy therapies.

As we increase our frequency we are changed: Synchronicity speeds up, our thoughts create our reality more quickly, we become healthy, happy, and at peace with the world.


If you enjoyed this article, you'll LOVE Takara's bestselling book: Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace.

Peering Through the Veil by Takara

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